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LOOJ dress

175 £

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Mid-length, wide dress with generous pockets for a relaxed mood.

A mandarin collar with a side button, and a drop shoulder – the LOOJ blouse is based on traditional menswear of the Black Hmongs.

Architectural tailoring allows for a complimentary fitting to any body shape or size.

This versalite dress allows you to create layered looks and be worn for any occasion.
The LOOJ dress can be complemented with detachable collars.

LOOJ is made of 100% lyocell (Tencel™).

Delicate or hand wash, 30-40°C. Iron from the inside only.

All items are made to order. LOOJ takes around 14 days to produce. This is our way of preventing overproduction and giving you a wearable piece you can claim as your own.

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