Spell my name

Spell my name

SPELL MY NAME is a collection inspired by the Uyghur, a minority ethnic group originating from and culturally affiliated with the general region of Central and East Asia.

An interesting approach would be to reveal the richness and diversity of Uyghur clothing as opposed to the attempt by the government to standardise Uyghur traditional clothing (the “government-approved clothing”) which reduces Uyghur culture to a cliche/stereotype.

Guillaume Nicolas Rey


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Spell my name

Strikingly red pieces symbolise the breath of China’s modern government. They bear Chinese names.

Spell my name

The pieces of earth shades are symbolising the Uyghur people and have Uyghur names.

FRAMIORE transforms the disappearing Uyghur traditional clothing into fashionable modern one.

Uyghur people are blocked off internal and external communications. Due to political censorship and restrictions in China it is almost impossible to get any fresh information. People fear persecution. Framiore asked the help of experts.

Collaboration with Veronica Bovuch

For Spell my name, we wanted to go ever further and create something truly unique. So to produce some of the items from our winter collection we asked Veronica to join. She uses unique traditional Western Ukrainian technique of weaving on wooden loom and pure Carpathian wool. Her manufacture workspace is located in Kosiv, Ukraine.

Veronica provides wool, semi-wool and linen-cotton for Spell My Name collection. For the project she uses author’s textured weaving technique with a combination of carpeting “rounding”, “straight border”, “sumacha” (braid), alongside with classic weaving techniques, such as manual “flooring” and “optical mixing”. As a result, she forms a great quality and design tapestry fabric.

Alongside with weaving, we’ve been searching for reliable suppliers of high quality fabrics. We found them mostly in Germany and Italy. For Spell My Name we’ll be using Loden (wool), wool + silk, knitwear (70% wool + 30% polyester), cotton, 97% wool, 3% elastane.