HLI Skirt

HLI Skirt


The skirt is an integral part of women's wardrobe, so in the "range" of every modern woman, you can find a variety of models with different purposes. The popularity of this thing is entirely justified because wearing a skirt; every woman can best demonstrate the elegance, slenderness, and beauty of the legs and "breathe" into the image of even more femininity and elegance. You can buy a stylish and practical skirt at a reasonable price in the Framiore online store.

A skirt is a perfect way to change a female form

The main feature of the skirt is the ability to hide the existing shortcomings of the figure. It provides comfort in the warm and cold seasons, decorates a girl on a date, and classic models are perfect for formal and business meetings. In addition, this element of the wardrobe fascinates and attracts men's eyes.

Experts in energy practices believe that when a lady wears a skirt, she begins to radiate her inherent energy of tenderness, elegance, and grace. Therefore, women's skirts for each of the weaker sex have with them a kind of sacred meaning.

The fickle women's nature and the lure of perfection reflect world fashion houses' collections. Therefore, girls who follow the canons of fashion and always want to look stylish and attractive seek to update their wardrobe with a novelty. Fortunately, today the range of women's skirts is incredibly huge, which allows every fashionista to choose the perfect option for their figure and life goals.

Fabrics for sewing Framiore skirts 

Our catalog presents unique models of skirts that can effectively complement the image of every modern woman who is accustomed to keeping up with the times. We use only natural materials during production.

  1. Tencel / polyester. Blended fabrics based on Tencel cellulose fiber and polyester have increased elasticity and resistance to washing. A smooth surface, combined with improved hygroscopic and breathability, creates favorable skin conditions. In addition, the fabric as well provides increased comfort and allows clothes to retain an attractive appearance longer.
  2. Bamboo/polyester. Bamboo fiber has excellent hygroscopic properties and environmental friendliness, entirely safe for skin and health. The 2022 skirts presented on the website have a natural shine, increased softness, and are breathable. The fabric also has antistatic and antiallergic effects, antibacterial properties, colorfastness, and ultraviolet resistance.

How to choose and buy a skirt?

To buy a practical thing that you will wear and it will not lay on the shelf, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • material - it must be resistant to stretching, but elastic, not restrict movement;
  • length - if you need a skirt for everyday wear, it is better to take a model knee-length or slightly shorter. Wearing such a skirt will be most comfortable;
  • cut - you can choose a wrap skirt or in a free cut, etc.

The women's skirts presented on the site are designed to give you comfort and freedom, effectively complement your image, and provide a great mood. Open the Catalog tab, go to Items, and choose the best skirt you will shine. We offer the highest quality products for an affordable price. There is prompt delivery throughout Ukraine and the world. If necessary, you can contact our consultants. All contact information is on the website.