Biomimicry, innovation for sustainability" | FRAMIORE TimeOut Series #3 with Dr Savithri Bartlett

Scientists have established that life as we know it is pushing us outside a ‘safe operating space’ on Earth, with potentially cataclysmic consequences for human life and survival. This is all the more relevant during the current global COVID-19 crisis. In 2009 a group of academics at The Stockholm Resilience Centre identified nine planetary boundaries which ensure a stable life on Earth, which are presently under threat of being breached or close to their ‘tipping point’.

In this TimeOut lecture we will look at how ‘Biomimicry’ – a term coined by Janine Benyus and originating from the Greek [bios = life; mimesis = imitation] might be used in designing the environment around us. The lecture will be conducted by Dr Savithri Bartlett, Senior Fellow (Knowledge Exchange) University of Winchester and FRAMIORE’s friend.

____ TimeOut is a knowledge sharing platform on sustainability, where anyone who is curious about sustainable fashion, needs advice or even a bit of inspiration, is welcome. TimeOut was created by FRAMIORE sustainable clothing brand, in collaboration with friends and partners from very diverse backgrounds – science, design, art and education etc. Through the platform, we discuss what ‘being sustainable’ means and offer future trends and tips on how each of us can make the world a better place by living more consciously.