Framiore’s inspirational woman portraits – Laura Frecon

Laura Frecon

Hollywood costume designer and a founder of Verte Luxe

Being a serial entrepreneur, Laura has a passion for beauty, fashion, life and all things green. She has made her mark in the industry as a Costume Designer and is the CEO of Verte Luxe, where you can find resources and eco-luxury products for living a more sustainable life. As a Costume Designer, Laura created costumes for legendary characters on shows and films such as True Blood, How to get Away with Murder, Men in Black 3, Nostalgia, Kong Skull Island and more. It is her love of fashion, beauty and design what encouraged Laura to create Verte Luxe. In 2019 Framiore started our partnership and we are happy to have a chance to share our chat with this inspirational woman!

Framiore: What inspired you to start your business?

Laura: I am a costume designer for film and television.  I have seen so many negative effects of fast fashion and destructive production.  There has been too much waste in production practices of the past. I wanted to do something to make a change.  I am striving to build Verte Luxe into a collective of

Eco, Ethical, Sustainable and Fair Trade brands for people to shop, discover and learn how to live a more eco-friendly life.  

Framiore: In what ways is Hollywood becoming more sustainable in its practices? 

Laura: I am proud to have been a part of productions that have an environmental committee on set throughout the shoot.  Productions are now using eco-friendly utensils and plates at lunch, left-over food is now being donated to food banks and recycling has become a standard.  I was thrilled to be on one production where I had a Verde costume trailer with LED lighting, bamboo flooring, counters being made by 100% post industrial scrap and so much more. 

Framiore: What more could movie production industry do to foster more sustainability from the public? 

Laura: It would be nice to see more celebrities taking a stand to help with the environmental movement.  People need to use their influence to help with fundraising for green initiatives and show the world that it is easy to be green by setting an example.   They could join forces with the big production companies to adopt more sustainable practices and set a new standard.  The public tends to look up to celebrities, so if they set the example, the rest will follow.

Framiore: Which large brands do you think are setting a great example when it comes to them being sustainable?

Laura: I think that Stella McCartney is one of the top sustainable designers in the high-end space.  I like that brands such as Adidas and Reebok are starting to use bio materials to create better sneaker solutions.  I applaud Patagonia for using recycled materials and the commitment to fair labor practices.  Mara Hoffman and Eileen Fisher are also doing great work with their commitment to sustainability and environmental practices.  

Framiore: Where do you see the future of eco-luxury heading? 

Laura: Luxury designers will start to see the benefits of using sustainable materials in their designs. Certain companies and organizations have made progress by recycling ghost fishing nets and turning them into fabric, developing bio-based materials, starting to use dead-stock in their designs and adopting more sustainable materials. This is often more expensive than the fast fashion of the past, but I am hoping that consumers will start to see that better design and craftsmanship goes a long way.  We don’t need 10 red shirts when we have one highly designed, well-crafted shirt that stands the test of time.  

Framiore: What attracted you to Framiore?

Laura: I love that Framiore is using “anthropological fashion” to share deeply rooted cultural histories by designing sustainable garments that stand the test of time.  I think Framiore’s approach to designing elegantly crafted, made-to-order designs speaks to the Verte Luxe movement.  I also applaud the fact that Framiore has adopted a tree-planting initiative and gives back to the ethnic populations that inspire their designs.  

Framiore: What is your favourite Framiore item?

Laura: I can’t choose just one!  I love the CHEE Trousers, the NALI Shirt, The KONG Coat and the gorgeous ALANG One-Sleeve Blouse.  

Framiore: What are some everyday eco items you can’t live without?

Laura: I start most days with a self-care ritual to get things going.  I personally love all of the beauty products that we have on Verte Luxe.  Today, I used Lau Botanicals “Awakening Cleansing Oil”, followed by Sud Source “Scrub It Off” exfoliator, CBD Skincare Co. “Creme de la Terre Serum”, finishing with Onboard Organics “Organic Rose Body Oil” and Dr. Lily Ros “100% Natural Blush Bronzer”.  I always take my Bohemian Bowls “Bamboo Utensil Set” with me everywhere I go and use my Pao Tea “T41 Tea Infuser” at my desk every day.  I never leave the house without my re-usable water bottle from Etching Bee AND my sustainable “Re-Usable Filtering Face Mask” from Ecomask.  These are all products that are featured on Verte Luxe and I stand behind all of them.