Craftsmanship & Heritage

FRAMIORE’s mission is to preserve tailoring traditions from lesser known cultures and those that are in danger of extinction. We reflect centuries-long knowledge through our sustainable apparel for women. We care how clothes are made as well as the purpose they serve.

What does ‘tradition’ mean? It is knowledge passed through generations; something that defines who we are and what makes us special. Yet, such a powerful thing as tradition exists only while there is someone to share it with.


Each collection is dedicated to a unique heritage and the people who own it.

To discover the roots, colours, cuts and silhouettes of clothing, we research tailoring methods from different cultural groups, as well as their lifestyle, habits and rituals.

If possible, we visit local communities to feel and study the environment. If it isn’t possible to visit, we work closely with cultural carriers and those who research their traditions outside the natives’ habitat.

Check out our summer collection dedicated to the HMONG people. This people group found balance with nature in the north of Vietnam. Or, read about the struggle of the UYGHUR people to save their muslim origin against the aggressive integration of politics from China.


All FRAMIORE pieces are designed and produced in-house.

We think that two collections per year is enough and each item is made to order. This is our intentional way to prevent overproduction and waste. We are in the process of creating our own R&D center and implementing lean production technologies.


Most of the ecological impact of fashion happens before the clothing is even made. We pick fabrics that minimise eco-footprints at the raw material stage, are easy to wash and care for while wearing, and are able to be upcycled or recycled when the time comes.

For our summer collection, we chose mostly TENCEL™ (fiber from Eucalyptus trees), linen and hemp.

For winter, we selected deadstock wool and custom-made, woven wool that was produced by hand from artisans in the Carpathian mountain region.

FRAMIORE uses fashion to create new opportunities for our hometown and the talented people in Ukraine. Most of our team members are women.


By moving to the global market, we have created more than an innovative workspace or new workplace.

We’ve created the belief that someone can still evolve as a professional with fair working conditions, while producing clothing. We combat the stereotype that jobs with clothing manufacturers are low-paying and unprestigious. We choose to celebrate the talent of craftsmanship instead.

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