I believe that simple choices can change the world!

Nataliia Naida, founder of Framiore

I believe that simple choices can change the world.

A life without choice is no life at all. Research has shown that we make around 35,000 decisions every day. These are often simple things, like what to buy, what to wear or which transport to take. But these choices can be much more complex: what to believe in, what to say, whom to listen to...

I believe that every decision has consequences, good or bad, which impact what our world will look like tomorrow. For example, take the choice of whether or not to go out for a run. It isn’t easy to get out of bed at 6 in the morning - but when you are running towards the morning sun, listening to the sound of birds and the waking city, you know you have made the right choice. 

I made the right choice in establishing Framiore - just as the people who supply us materials make the right choice by making them sustainable, and my colleagues made the right choice in joining our team. When you wear Framiore clothes, you choose that helps the planet and humankind. The brand must cover your need to find reasonable solutions, and our things are equal to the right choice. This statement is important to us

Founder of Framiore 

Naida Nataliia


Who we are:

With care

Framiore has made a group of friends who care about people and nature. It is important to us that the clothes we produce are comfortable, light, and thoughtful, but at the same time do as minor damage to the planet as possible. We believe that care will never go out of style.

With wisdom

Everything wise has long since been said. We try to share this wisdom today through our clothing. 

For women

Our clothing is created for a woman and her confident, active, energetic life. The models and cuts are designed so that the clothes repeat every movement of your body.

What we do

Mix clothing with philosophy

Our clothing reflects a simple idea: beauty happens when everything is in the right place. This is our philosophy. 

We transform the content through the form

We got inspired by the wisdom of traditional communities. Their values already include love and care for nature, which we want to convey through the geometric shapes of our clothes. 

We commend positive initiatives

Sometimes it is not easy to make the right decision. Our dream is to simplify this process. The right choice can be as simple as a base t-shirt. In short: you buy one thing - we plant five trees.

How we do it

By making the right choices

By buying our things, you choose in favor of nature. The brand must cover your need to find reasonable solutions, and our items are equal to the right choice. And this is important to us.

By treating people well

Customers who wear our clothing can be sure that we produce it safely and ethically. Our design and sewing workshop found its location in a refurbished plant Promprylad. Renovation in the Ukrainian town of Ivano-Frankivsk.

By caring about the place we call home 

We use only certified fabrics, work with suppliers who can attest to the origin of raw materials, and are constantly improving the cut in our R&D workshop to reduce waste.

April 2018

Launch of FRAMIORE

May 2018

EBRD chooses FRAMIORE to participate in a London trade show, although our first collection is still being created.

August 2018

FRAMIORE takes its first step in the British market during MODA UK revealing our summer collection at the big London trade show.

September 2018

FRAMIORE is invited to Sustainable Fashion Pad in Kyiv.

Autumn 2018

We apply for three programs: the WORTH Partnership Program, Pure London trade show and exhibition, as well as Trade mission to France, and are approved to participate in all three.

October 2018

FRAMIORE is invited by Lviv Fashion Week to represent Ukrainian sustainable fashion on the main catwalk stage.

February 2019

With support from the Culture Bridges Program and British Council Ukraine, FRAMIORE participates in Pure London – the largest trade show and exhibition for innovative and sustainable fashion brands.

February 2019

FRAMIORE represents Ukraine at the Trade Mission to France as one of 5 sustainable brands and quality manufacturers from our country.

March 2019

FRAMIORE attends WORTH Finals in Valencia, winning mentor support from the best professionals in fashion and 10 000 EUR for developing the SPELL MY NAME collection, dedicated to the Uyghur people.

June 2019

Natalka Naida gives a speech at TEDx Ukraine on FRAMIORE and dreaming big.

September 2019

FRAMIORE is invited to participate in both the Tallinn Design Festival and the Future Materials 2019 Conference.

Autumn 2019

With the help of WORTH mentors, we are working on our second collection – SPELL MY NAME.

September 2020

FRAMIORE participates in NEONYT, Berlin.

February 2020

FRAMIORE wins a $50,000 grant from the Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF), receiving the award from the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister, and the Head of USF.

April 2020

Thanks to the support of the USAID program «USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine,» we managed to survive throughout the most challenging time and even complete the essential works for launching research and development (R&D) center for textile products and production processes and create a website to promote our products.